What is a life Settlement?

With a life settlement, you can sell your life insurance policy for an immediate cash payment. A life settlement can be a great option for someone who no longer needs life insurance coverage. On average, policyowners receive four to seven times more from a life settlement than what they would have received from surrendering it back to the insurance company.

Find Value in Your Life Insurance Policy

The amount you will receive for your life insurance policy will depend on your age, medical condition, the amount of coverage, and how much your annual premium payments are on the policy.

Here’s how a life settlement works

We are here to help you find out if you qualify for a life settlement.

You can call one of our specialists or complete the online form to see if you qualify.

Medical records and policy information will be obtained for underwriting.

If your policy qualifies, you will receive an offer to sell your policy from a licensed life settlement provider.

You receive payment for the sale of your policy.

Do I qualify for a life settlement?

To qualify for a life settlement, you’ll need to meet a few criteria.